Client Testimonials

"Trust the process and see how your body can change"

  Hi Everyone!! I just want to share my story about how having Bernie prep me for a competition changed my life. I have always worked out. I have always tried to eat, "right," but I was stuck in my ways.I needed a new goal. On my 30th birthday I decided to do a bikini competition.  I've  had a fear of stage fright for my entire life, and wanted to face it. I enlisted Bernie to guide me on my journey. Turns out I knew nothing. Low carb dieting had always been my go to. It's a myth by the way.  He showed me how to eat right for my body type. Everyone's diet should be different because our bodies are all unique. He catered mine to me we had some trial and error, but then my body started changing.  After working out for over 6 years my body looked like it had never looked before. If I was hungry he would tweak it. I was getting total nutrition and satisfaction every step of the way.  My workouts were complimentary & fit with my calorie and protein intake. I have never felt so strong and confident in my life. I would even have moments of self doubt. Bernie would give me encouraging words and helpful hints to keep me engaged and motivated. I can never thank Bernie enough for what he has done for me. He has changed my relationship with food in my body. Thank you Bernie!! I love you! And I love my new & improved body!!  

Jesse Kruse

Flight Attendant

Mandy has done amazing so far in the 6 week Transformation Challenge and is commmitted to accomplish her goals. She keeps losing fat every week and is currently down over 38lbs!

Mandy Jenkins, 

6 Week Challenger

Christie lost 25lbs in her 6 week Transformation Challenge and just in time for her wedding.  

Christie Pender

JT lost 26lbs in just 6 weeks! His own words "I can't honestly remember the last time I felt so good or the last time I lost this kind of weight! Phenomenal!!!" 

John "JT" Tighe

Dalton, GA