Coming soon!

  1. 28 Day Belly Fat Blast Challenge
    Please join us for our 28 day Belly Fat Blast Challenge begining January 7th 2019, over $2,900.00 in prizes. complete with 28 day meal plan and unlimited classes. Click on the button to get more details and schedule your weigh-in
  2. The Healthy & Fit Children's Center opening January 2019
    Doors opening in January 2019 for ALL kids to have an amazing time wether thier parents come to The Healthy & Fit Lifestyle Center or not. We will have Group Training for all ages with complete feedback accessible by parents online so you know exactly how your child is improving always.
  3. FREE 42 Day Fitness Transformation
    We are offering spots in our sensational 42 Day Fitness Transformation program... for FREE. WHY?! To promote my gym, I’m announcing open enrollment in our sensational 42 Day Challenge. (yes, you may have heard about it). Click on the button to get more information. And the craziest part of all...we’re doing it for FREE. Why FREE? Because we want to MAKE THE DALTON AREA SEXY AGAIN . And the only way to do that is not let people’s excuses stand in their way... So we took it upon ourselves to take ANY excuses anyone might have for not being sexy out of their way. “I don't have time” ⏰ ­­> Flexible times to make it happen from the crack of dawn to way after work “I dont have the money” ­­> Free. Nuff’ said. “I dont have the support” ­­> Even if you are 99% Grinch & 1% Nice person, our bulletproof accountability system combines: support community­person coaching ...and dare I say...REAL FRIENDS to keep you engaged and loving it. “My life is too scattered” ­­>We make it so easy we have 12 year olds following our system. I’m talking paint-­by-­numbers easy. In fact, the system is so easy that once you see it, you can’t unsee it. It starts working without your permission. “I like butter”­­>One of the hardest excuses to overcome. Thousands of people scroll past our announcements because of this one. So all we’ve got is…”You can eat butter with us...and still look sexy.” Take that in. Eat butter. Still be sexy. You’re welcome. ...Did we catch your attention? Ok ­ so if you are picking up what we’re putting down... 1)Tap the button 2) Put in your name and number ...And we will get back to you faster than a jealous ex. And if you aren’t down, tag a friend (or enemy) who could stand to “tighten up.” Because nothing says “I love you” like tagging your friend in a FREE fitness challenge post. PS ­ “I’m so glad I took 3 seconds and signed up for this program ”­­Future Sexier You. PPS ­ You’re welcome.
  4. Lifestyle Restaurant Grand Opening Summer, 2019
    Join us in January for the addition of "The Lifestyle Restaurant" a place to truly get a healthy tasty meal at anytime and in a customized manner to each individual no matter what kind of healthy eating style you prefer or require i.e. Paleo, Vegan, Pagan, Fitness, Diabetic, Cardiac, etc.