has moved! 

After almost 9 years serving the Dalton and surrounding communities and having the privilege of helping hundreds of people reach their health, weight-loss, fitness and physique goals. We are pleased to announce the opening of

"The Healthy & Fit Lifestyle Center"

A Life Changing Opportunity

We are excited to share with you this opportunity to join us in the reinvention of Health and Fitness Centers.  People are busier than ever and they have never been more aware that “Eating Clean” is the most impactful thing they can do to change their bodies and be healthier. In addition, working out is the only way they can further enhance their health and fitness. The two go hand in hand but the dilemma that arises is a combination of education on what to eat and ease of accessibility.  It’s not easy to "Eat Clean" or find & purchase the correct food items let alone prepare them, however it is way too easy to buy junk and Fast Food, there are places on virtually every corner.  We want to change that for good!

We are starting a new kind of "Fitness Lifestyle Club” along with a tandem online based Corporate Wellness Program.  "The Healthy & Fit Lifestyle Center” will have all under one roof:

  • A convenient mostly Organic & "Clean" Grocery Store.
  • An Organic Restaurant catering to all "Clean" & healthy eating styles.
  • A Fitness Studio focused solely on personal private training, semi-private and small group training along with the latest trends in classes and training modalities.
  • We will have a large dedicated area for a kids’ activities zone and preteen training area so kids can stay active and have fun while their parents train and/or shop without guilt.
  • An outdoor activities fun zone for kids of all ages.
  • An outdoor training area for adults, as well as an adult activities fun zone. 
  • Specialized fitness & sports training for the needs of any child at any age and of course adults too.
  • Organic Coffee, Tea, Smoothie & Protein Shake Bar, with only the cleanest & natural products.
  •   a "Clean & Healthy" catering service, for any party or event.
  • A weekly meal prep service for all styles of healthy eating ready for pickup or delivery.
  • A Supplement Shop with only the best and cleanest products on the market.
  • Our own clothing line along with other popular apparel and fitness items.
  • An array of continual & ongoing educational workshops & support groups.
  • Cooking classes in our own teaching kitchen.
  • Nationally recognized guest speakers to continually educate the membership base as well as draw in new members from the community.
  • All the above will be done in phases over the course of time to be sure each area is done right.

The response from everyone has been tremendous so far and so we have a special opportunity for you to be involved in helping us to make it the best possible place around with a "Soft Opening" planned in August and amazing "Grand Opening Event" in September

We are looking for 12 people who want to become "Founding Members" for
"The Healthy & Fit Lifestyle Center".  Here's what the benefits are:

1.    Substantially reduced rate on 6, 9 or 12-month individual training plus nutrition packages, including         all "Original Members" benefits (see below), married couples are 2 for 1.  
2.    Your name & picture on our wall plaque identifying you as a "Founding Member".
3.    7% discount on all products and food purchased here for LIFE!
4.    7% discount for life on any additional services we provide.Special
5.    "Founder's Club" T-shirt & Plaque.
6.    A seat on our Board of Consultants (if you so choose) we'll be coming to you for feedback and
       advice on any big decisions we make here.
7.    Opportunity for ownership in the corporation as we grow and expand.
8.    You will be making a difference in the lives of hundreds (and we hope for thousands) in our
        community by participating.
9.    Become the best & healthiest version of yourself that you can be.
Due to the change in location, we have extended the deadline
Deadline to register as a "Founding Member" is ​September 7th, 2017
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"Original Members Club"​​
We realize that many of you may still want to participate but the above benefits package may not be suitable for you at this point in time. You still can be of great help by ensuring your status as an "Original Member” of The Healthy & Fit Lifestyle Center by signing up before the end of July with the package that makes the most sense for you.  It will help us out with a seamless transition to our new location and provide you with these substantial benefits:

1.    Lock in your training rates for the next 3 years at the price you are paying now (current rates).
2.    7% discount on all products and food purchased here for LIFE!
3.    7% discount for life on any additional services we provide.
4.    Your name on our wall identifying you as an "Original Member"
5.    Help your community to get healthier by helping yourself stay committed to your health & fitness
6.    Discount for paying the Year, 9 months or 6 months in advance on your current rate.
7.    Special discounts for family when they sign up & special discounts for friends to come sample our
        services and products.
Due to the change in location, we have extended the deadline
Deadline to register as an "Original Member" is ​September 7th, 2017

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